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Amerx Health Care, Corp.
skin care products for wound care.
adhesive bandages specially designed for people of color.
Healz-Plus, Inc.
treatment of wounds occurring in diabetes, venous stasis, and to bedridden patients.
National Healing
provides wound care, outpatient services, and diabetic wound care management solutions for hospitals and wound treatment centers.
liquid protein supplement for pressure ulcers, malnutrition, and other medical indications.
Vitality Medical
offers home medical supplies specializing in incontinence, respiratory, CPAP, foot pain care, and treatment of wounds and bedsores caused by urinary stress incontinence.
Wound Care Associates
intermediate and advanced level courses for physical and occupational therapists, assistants, nurses, physicians, facility administrators and other professionals involved in wound care.
Wounded Warrior
offers an ointment for use on various skin problems.
non-surgical solutions for healing pressure ulcers, chronic wounds, bedsores, and more.
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